Apartments Marbella

La province de Malaga Malaga Province One East One of the top tourist destinations in Europe and an accommodation in the area is a safe investment, but also expensive investment. On the recruitment of Malaga you will find information about the city and its tourist spot.
Another attraction of Marbella is a safe bet for any investment in real estate. At Villa Marbella Villa to buy you will find information about this famous resort.
The town of Torremolinos is a rule for a family and a great place to find a suitable property for sale.
For luxury goods for sale or for rent villa with pool for holidays in Spain, Costa del Sol real estate broker:
If you find the property, ask the official if the seller will probably accept the offer to sell some suppliers, prices, expect other prices are a little high and fell, the other will wait until we reach that the market value they have set. It is impossible to generalize, since we have so many different nationalities who live here buy all its own distribution - plants that lead your agents.
The next thing you must do is to find a] abogado [Spanish lawyer before you sign anything or pay any further deposits to third parties. A load Abogado about 1%. Purchase price, this is a great value, your abogado take care of your financial interests, and give you peace of mind, a very precious commodity when buying a house!
Reservation deposits and payments to an agent are not legally binding on the seller, you should never pay money to an agent or agency. When you pay money to an agency, you are required to unless you have money behind you!
Reservation deposits for new developments must be made directly to the developers who need to consult your abogado, and any other payments by or under the supervision of an [independent abogado] Spanish lawyer in this way, your interest and money will always be protected, and you will be sure to purchase the contract of sale is in your name and not on behalf of the agency, this may practice for the agency, but you will have no right to claim ownership.
Apartments Marbella 

Only if a contact and sale was agreed and signed by both parties and requires 10% paid by the seller by law, sell the property, so it does not require any deposits to a payment agency.
With all the properties that we offer for sale of 10% of the purchase price for your account customers abogados be sufficient to take the property off the market during your abogado researched and organize your finances, 10% delivered to the seller from your abogado when everything is considered and the conditions of the contract was agreed and signed.
If a seller does not accept the demonstration of good faith to a property from the market or an organization that asks for money should immediately seek independent Abogado Abogado not convince, if the seller agree to the conditions, then walk, there are other properties, you keep your money in safe hands of agents are not deposits will be refunded. Never use the same abogado the vendor or interests could be jeopardized.
Use a abogado a known independent Abogados, we strongly recommend that independent companies are respected in the English language in all areas.

Apartments Marbella
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